| Not only does the type of fireplace you choose have a major influence on the appearance of your interior, the housing of the fireplace is just as important. Did you know that you can give your fireplace an extra cool finish by using VeroMetal? Interior builder Modularh Interiors and dealer Kachels & Haarden Wintermans in Eersel recently delivered a fireplace with this type of housing to the consumer's home. It’s an inspiration for anyone thinking about a new built-in fireplace!

The mastermind behind this unique realization is interior design agency 'Maeve Concepts' from Utrecht. “This fireplace creates a break in the open space. On one side, a corner is created for the whole family to be together. On the other side of the fireplace, a place is created where there is more peace and the opportunity to read, work or lounge. The two spaces are connected through the glass of the fireplace and the open playfulness of the frame.”

As mentioned, this beautiful Element4 installation has a so-called 'VeroMetal coating'. VeroMetal® is a cold liquid metal that can be sprayed, rolled, cast or spattered on almost any surface. After application, it has all the optical and physical properties of metal. A unique end result is created by sanding, polishing, patinating or oxidizing the surface. This also gave this fireplace housing a special and characteristic metallic appearance.

  • Dealer: Kachels & Haarden Wintermans Eersel, Eersel
  • Interior designer: Maeve Concepts, Utrecht
  • Interior builder: Modularh Interiors, Eindhoven
  • Copyright: The Art of Living Magazine - Peter Baas

Want to know more about the use of VeroMetal? Visit:

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